Making your landscape look beautiful and healthy doesn’t have to take every minute of your time. It’s supposed to be a relaxing environment where you can enjoy cultivating beautiful flowers and plants, and not another full-time job.

You can make your landscaping chores a lot easier if you streamline them, and this will not take anything away from the beautiful space you are cultivating in your home. There are simple ways to go about complex tasks, hacks and tricks that achieve results quickly, and regular chores schedules for increased efficiency.

If there is anything that makes your landscape explode with a burst of colors and gorgeousness, it is when you know that you can put in minimal effort and still get the best results. So, to help you work less and enjoy your landscape a lot more, here are 10 steps for low maintenance in your home:

  1. LESS MOWING: Mowing is one of the most consistent chores to maintain a beautiful garden. However, as important as it is, the best way to achieve a pretty lawn is to do it less often. This doesn’t mean that you wait until your grass is long enough to reach into your windows before mowing. Many people erroneously think that it helps them avoid cutting again for a long time.

However, mowing that way is detrimental to the health of your lawn. The best way to achieve a beautiful property is to find the ideal height, then trim to maintain that height. Ensure that you never have to remove more than one-third of the grass blades while mowing and leave the clippings lying. Combining all these simple steps can give you the most beautiful low-maintenance lawn.

  1. AUTOMATED WATERING PROCESS: Watering can be a rather sweet chore on the list of things to do while maintaining a lawn. If you want to have an easier maintenance process, you should invest in hands-free irrigation watering tools.

You can check out one of these easy-timer tools and pair them with soaker horses stationed in strategic places to water any planting bed. This process is easy, and it also saves water because it ensures that the water goes directly to the root of each plant. You would have to ensure that this automated timer is turned off during the rainy season to avoid excess watering.

  1. TRY THE MULCH SYSTEM: Mulch is one of the most effective hacks for a low-maintenance landscape. Make a 2-3 inches thick layer of mulch, and you will realize that you no longer have to weed as much because it suppresses the weed more efficiently. Mulch is also great for water evaporation, which means less watering.

The best way to maintain mulch and keep It effective is to ensure that you maintain the thickness of the original layer. This can be done by applying a fresh layer once a year in the cold zones, and twice if you are in warmer climates.

  1. MAKE INTENTIONAL PLANT CHOICES: One of the most efficient ways to ensure that your garden has a low maintenance routine is to ensure that you are very selective of the plants you choose from the beginning. Consider the environment you’ll be planting them in, and be careful to cultivate enough space for their maximum volume. There’s nothing more stressful than having to prune a plant to fit the garden consistently.

You would have to do some research on every plant you choose to get a good idea of their matured size, so you can adequately prepare.

  1. USE COMPOSITE POLYMER DECKING: There’s nothing more beautiful and relaxing than using your deck, especially when having a relaxed evening outdoors or hosting a family picnic. However, wood decking requires much maintenance work like staining, cleaning, bleaching, etc.

Meanwhile, Composite polymer decking is much cooler, looks better, and is environmentally sustainable because of its little use of plastic.

  1. PLANT EASY-CARE CONTAINERS: Flower pots add to the beauty of your garden, with their different color spots arranged beautifully. However, they require a lot of work and attention to help your plants remain beautiful.

The easiest way to avoid the hard work of plant pots is to fill them with shrubs. Shrubs help your plant look vibrant all through the planting season. You can try the Bangle Dyers Greenwood and the Black Lace Elderberry; they are both spring plants but stay healthy throughout the season.

  1. USE WHAT YOU HAVE: If you are cultivating your garden in a climate where it is tough to grow turf or turn out thin, substitute it for some ornamental grass and sedge that are easy to use and care for. They are great for texture and don’t require a complex maintenance process. The most you need to do is annual trimming and pruning.
  2. ADOPT EASY WEEDING: Weeding is arguably everyone’s worst landscaping chore because there is no escaping it. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be easier. The best way to ensure that your weeding is effective is to weed in small measures.

Tools are also great for efficient weeding. Invest in tools like digging knives, ergonomic weeders, or Asian hoes. All of these make your weeding chore easy, especially when dealing with complex plants. Another thing is to weed after watering the soil or rainfall. The weeds are easier to pull out because the ground is soft.

  1. STOP WEED GROWTH: Easy weeding is excellent, it helps you get rid of them quickly, but it doesn’t stop them from growing ever so often. No one enjoys weeding every other day, and you can avoid that if you use pre-emergent weed control.

You can conduct research or look at several products to determine which one best suits your soil and effectively prevents weed germination for an extended period. Most of them are easy to apply and make a massive difference in how often you have to weed, and it’s the ultimate hack to easy landscaping in Brisbane without spending all your time on it.

  1. USE TURF INSTEAD OF FLOWERS: Maintaining a lawn isn’t a minor job because they require a lot of work and attention to look and stay beautiful. You would have to weed, prune, feed, etc.

If you want to avoid spending every waking moment working in the garden, you can exchange your lovely flowers for turf, and stack your plant beds with shrubs and ornamental grasses.


Landscaping in Brisbane is one of the most satisfying chores you can do at home, especially when your gardens and backyards start bursting out with different flowers and pretty colors. However, they also require a lot of work.

The mowing, feeding, cleaning, and pruning you have to do for it to remain beautiful and healthy is unavoidable, but you can make the process easier by taking some of the simple steps listed above. Alternatively, you can get the best landscaping service In Brisbane Northside, visit Landscape by AK, and have your garden looking good all year long.


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