Landscapes can make all the difference in any home, depending on how you construct it, where you plan to have it, what colour you want it, what flowers you plant, and what design you adopt. However, some basic rules and principles must be considered in constructing a landscape design for your home.

Whether you’re planning to get design inspiration from one or more sources or create a unique design, there are 8 basic principles of landscaping you must get familiar with before you embark on these designs. 

One of the advantages is that getting familiar with landscape design basic principles will aid your creativity and make your process a lot smoother. It can also help you build new ideas and create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. 

What makes landscape designs like pool landscaping in Brisbane great, is up to the designer. Depending on what you hope to achieve, only you can tell how incredible your landscape is. However, eight foundational principles help ensure that your landscape design doesn’t only look good but also has a balance of aesthetics and functionality. 

The eight basic principles of landscape design include: 

  1. Unity: Unity is a foundational principle of your design. Things that make your design come together in unity, include repetition of certain elements and consistency in applying other aspects. Some of these elements include the plant type, the paint colour used, and the type of brick or pathway design. Repeating some of these elements give your landscape a unified appearance. It makes it look elegant and well thought out. Consistency helps create a theme and general unit by combining varying elements into an appropriate environment. With consistency, your landscape doesn’t only look elegant. It makes working on it and maintaining it easier when it’s not consistent.
  2. Balance: Balance is a sense of equal quality in your overall design. Regarding landscape, there are two significant types of balance; The symmetrical balance, where two sides of your landscape design are identical in colour, width, and shape. The second is asymmetrical balance; this means the landscape composition is equal, but this equality is achieved using different elements that carry the same weight and physical value. An example of asymmetrically will be flowers on one side and a fountain on the other. They are both attention-grabbing and will create a balanced outlook on the whole landscape.

  3. Contrast: While designing your landscape, there are certain “wow” elements that you might like to draw special attention to, and the best way to achieve that is through contrast. In contrast, every element is well composed as part of the general unity of the entire landscape. Harmonizing contrast can be achieved by juxtaposing two different pieces with one other. For example, plant a wildflower in the middle of mellow ones or paint two different colours near each other. You can also use other tools like contrasting textures or elements. Contrasts are a great way to achieve a balanced harmony in your landscape design. It is an essential principle for everyone, whether a professional or a newbie.

  4. Colour: Colour adds life and vibrancy to your landscape design. While a lot of people tend to go for white or neutral colours when creating theirs, there’s nothing that stops you from exploring other colours. Although it is better to stick to warm colours, you can also use a dash of bright or bold colour here and there to create contrast and draw attention to some aspects of your landscape. Another way colour plays a significant role in your choice of flower. Be creative when choosing your flowers. Pick them in different colours and shades. This makes your landscape exciting and completely beautiful.

  5. Transition: Transition can be described as a measured change. For a landscape design, the transition can be achieved when your plants go through the natural growth process, from budding to blooming. You must be on top of each different phase to ensure that your landscape still looks elegant and beautiful regardless of the stage.

  6. Line: If you design or build a landscape that will look good or beautiful in any way, then you cannot ignore the usefulness of line in your design. Lines are used everywhere and in everything that has to do with landscape, including making plant beds, creating an entrance, exit and walkways, adding texture, etc. Lines can also help add illusions of depth to your design and make it look a lot more spacious than it is.

  7. Proportion: In any design work, whether a home, a digital product, or a landscape design, proportion is a mother tool that must be incorporated in every aspect. Proportion is basically how the size of one element relates to another. Proportion might not come as easy as picking colors or choosing plants, it requires a little more thoughtfulness and calculations than other elements, but it must be used appropriately. All the elements in your design must have the correct proportion for the overall result to look fantastic.

  8. Repetition: Repetition is a component of unity. One of the ways to make your landscape design look excellent and elegant is to have some elements repeated in different parts of the landscape. It can even make it look professionally designed if done correctly. While some people prefer to express their artsy side differently by adding different elements, too many things can make your design look tacky and cluttered. However, repetition only makes sense when the feature is repeated only a few times. Too much reuse of one element can make your entire landscape look dull and uninteresting to look at or be in. No one wants to have a boring, monotonous landscape.

Plant in White Wall

Every principle on this list is essential to your landscaping in Brisbane Northside. Understanding them and utilizing their effects to the maximum can make your landscape stand out anywhere. However, knowing how and when to use each principle is equally important. Appropriately applying each principle might require research, planning, and testing before arriving at the best result. 

Designing and building your landscape is a way to express your innate creativity, so when something feels good to you, don’t be too afraid to try it. You can bend the rules a little as long as you are satisfied with the result. Landscape by A & K offers professional landscaping services in Brisbane that can help design, build and maintain your landscape for the best possible outcome. 


Making your landscape look beautiful and healthy doesn’t have to take every minute of your time. It’s supposed to be a relaxing environment where you can enjoy cultivating beautiful flowers and plants, and not another full-time job.

You can make your landscaping chores a lot easier if you streamline them, and this will not take anything away from the beautiful space you are cultivating in your home. There are simple ways to go about complex tasks, hacks and tricks that achieve results quickly, and regular chores schedules for increased efficiency.

If there is anything that makes your landscape explode with a burst of colors and gorgeousness, it is when you know that you can put in minimal effort and still get the best results. So, to help you work less and enjoy your landscape a lot more, here are 10 steps for low maintenance in your home:

  1. LESS MOWING: Mowing is one of the most consistent chores to maintain a beautiful garden. However, as important as it is, the best way to achieve a pretty lawn is to do it less often. This doesn’t mean that you wait until your grass is long enough to reach into your windows before mowing. Many people erroneously think that it helps them avoid cutting again for a long time.

However, mowing that way is detrimental to the health of your lawn. The best way to achieve a beautiful property is to find the ideal height, then trim to maintain that height. Ensure that you never have to remove more than one-third of the grass blades while mowing and leave the clippings lying. Combining all these simple steps can give you the most beautiful low-maintenance lawn.

  1. AUTOMATED WATERING PROCESS: Watering can be a rather sweet chore on the list of things to do while maintaining a lawn. If you want to have an easier maintenance process, you should invest in hands-free irrigation watering tools.

You can check out one of these easy-timer tools and pair them with soaker horses stationed in strategic places to water any planting bed. This process is easy, and it also saves water because it ensures that the water goes directly to the root of each plant. You would have to ensure that this automated timer is turned off during the rainy season to avoid excess watering.

  1. TRY THE MULCH SYSTEM: Mulch is one of the most effective hacks for a low-maintenance landscape. Make a 2-3 inches thick layer of mulch, and you will realize that you no longer have to weed as much because it suppresses the weed more efficiently. Mulch is also great for water evaporation, which means less watering.

The best way to maintain mulch and keep It effective is to ensure that you maintain the thickness of the original layer. This can be done by applying a fresh layer once a year in the cold zones, and twice if you are in warmer climates.

  1. MAKE INTENTIONAL PLANT CHOICES: One of the most efficient ways to ensure that your garden has a low maintenance routine is to ensure that you are very selective of the plants you choose from the beginning. Consider the environment you’ll be planting them in, and be careful to cultivate enough space for their maximum volume. There’s nothing more stressful than having to prune a plant to fit the garden consistently.

You would have to do some research on every plant you choose to get a good idea of their matured size, so you can adequately prepare.

  1. USE COMPOSITE POLYMER DECKING: There’s nothing more beautiful and relaxing than using your deck, especially when having a relaxed evening outdoors or hosting a family picnic. However, wood decking requires much maintenance work like staining, cleaning, bleaching, etc.

Meanwhile, Composite polymer decking is much cooler, looks better, and is environmentally sustainable because of its little use of plastic.

  1. PLANT EASY-CARE CONTAINERS: Flower pots add to the beauty of your garden, with their different color spots arranged beautifully. However, they require a lot of work and attention to help your plants remain beautiful.

The easiest way to avoid the hard work of plant pots is to fill them with shrubs. Shrubs help your plant look vibrant all through the planting season. You can try the Bangle Dyers Greenwood and the Black Lace Elderberry; they are both spring plants but stay healthy throughout the season.

  1. USE WHAT YOU HAVE: If you are cultivating your garden in a climate where it is tough to grow turf or turn out thin, substitute it for some ornamental grass and sedge that are easy to use and care for. They are great for texture and don’t require a complex maintenance process. The most you need to do is annual trimming and pruning.
  2. ADOPT EASY WEEDING: Weeding is arguably everyone’s worst landscaping chore because there is no escaping it. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be easier. The best way to ensure that your weeding is effective is to weed in small measures.

Tools are also great for efficient weeding. Invest in tools like digging knives, ergonomic weeders, or Asian hoes. All of these make your weeding chore easy, especially when dealing with complex plants. Another thing is to weed after watering the soil or rainfall. The weeds are easier to pull out because the ground is soft.

  1. STOP WEED GROWTH: Easy weeding is excellent, it helps you get rid of them quickly, but it doesn’t stop them from growing ever so often. No one enjoys weeding every other day, and you can avoid that if you use pre-emergent weed control.

You can conduct research or look at several products to determine which one best suits your soil and effectively prevents weed germination for an extended period. Most of them are easy to apply and make a massive difference in how often you have to weed, and it’s the ultimate hack to easy landscaping in Brisbane without spending all your time on it.

  1. USE TURF INSTEAD OF FLOWERS: Maintaining a lawn isn’t a minor job because they require a lot of work and attention to look and stay beautiful. You would have to weed, prune, feed, etc.

If you want to avoid spending every waking moment working in the garden, you can exchange your lovely flowers for turf, and stack your plant beds with shrubs and ornamental grasses.


Landscaping in Brisbane is one of the most satisfying chores you can do at home, especially when your gardens and backyards start bursting out with different flowers and pretty colors. However, they also require a lot of work.

The mowing, feeding, cleaning, and pruning you have to do for it to remain beautiful and healthy is unavoidable, but you can make the process easier by taking some of the simple steps listed above. Alternatively, you can get the best landscaping service In Brisbane Northside, visit Landscape by AK, and have your garden looking good all year long.


Top Six Landscaping Draining Systems

Landscaping in Brisbane Northside can be beautiful, classy, and elegant, but it can also cause different environmental issues and property damage. For example, water is essential for keeping your landscape alive, healthy, and thriving. However, excess water on the property can lead to damages, and some of them might even be permanent.

Watering your landscape means soaking the soil, and when the water becomes too much, it can lead to all kinds of movement in your foundation. Excess water can also cause deep cracks and holes that can cause permanent damage to your building or vital installations. So, while water is essential for landscapes, it is even more important to distribute it with caution.

One good way to avoid the problems of watering your landscapes is to infuse an efficient drainage system in your landscape design. Depending on how you design your landscape, two kinds of the landscape drainage system can be used.

  1. Surface Landscape Drainage Technique: This technique is highly recommended for places where the weather permits a lot of rain or irrigation. The system works with the pull of gravity, and it can either come as a graded or bedded system.
  2. Subsurface Landscape Drainage Technique: the significant difference between this technique and the surface technique is that this one is installed below the surface of your grounds. Otherwise, they use the same gravity pull and function just like the surface technique, although with more control.

Looking for a way to maintain your beautiful landscape and still have a way of draining too much water from your property? We have compiled a list of several different methods and techniques to incorporate drainage systems into your landscape designs:

  1. Rain Garden: The rain garden technique works because it allows a lot of water to form a pool around it, and then the water gets gradually sucked into the soil. A rain garden is a final point for excess water around, and it is best for areas with a lot of steep slopes.

When looking to build a rain garden, you must ensure to use a mixture of soil that is highly water absorbent. Another advantage of rain gardens is that they can also double as a bed for lush and beautiful flowers that attract butterflies, adding to the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

  1. Water-absorbent Plants: When you are planning to infuse a drainage system into your landscape design but cannot find enough space to build something else for drainage, you can explore the options of water-absorbent plants.

If you conduct good research, you will find different plants that can soak in a lot of water, like local, regional plant species adapted to the rare bog situations. Some of the best water-absorbent plants you can explore include Willows, Bee Balm, Purple Coneflower, Golden Club, Dogwoods, etc. However, to avoid bringing a different color or distinct shape into your landscape, you should be sure of what some of these plants look like, so you can make the best decision for your garden.

  1. The French Drain: This is arguably one of the most common drainage systems people use in their landscape gardens and homes. This technique works by making several holes in a pipe surrounded by stones. The tubes are then wrapped in a filter material that prevents sand and mud from entering the tube. So, instead of spreading the water into different parts of your landscape, the French drain sends the water directly to a drainage system somewhere else.

One factor that leads to the popularity of this system is its flexibility. You can choose the size of pipes depending on your outdoor space capacity, and the dimensions of your pipe also determine how much water can be drained. So, the bigger your pipe, the more water you can drain.

  1. Drywell system: While the French drain is a highly efficient solution, it can also be costly to install and manage, but the drywell system is a similar system that costs less. Thus, it’s a cheaper, but just as efficient alternative.

The drywell works by draining excess water directly into a submerged storage well that allows the water to seep out gradually into the groundwater tables they are directed to. The drywell system isn’t only affordable and efficient. It is also environmentally friendly and will not make your landscape muddy and unbearable to walk on.

  1. Rigged Plastic Pipes: Rigged plastic pipes or tubes are usually installed at the end of a drain slope and submerged underground to absorb excess water from your landscape. The only issue most people have with this technique is that it is unsustainable and not environmentally friendly, especially for poolside landscaping.

However, the rigged plastic pipe system is highly effective and affordable if you can deal with its plastic nature. Depending on the size you choose to buy and how many pipes you decide to get, the rigged plastic pipes can drain a large amount of water at once, making it an excellent choice for a large landscape or an environment with a lot of rainfall.

  1. Pave Methods: The pave-way method is another standard drainage system most people use, primarily because of its flexibility and multi-dimensional use. This system works by installing paving bricks or materials with small spaces to allow water to seep into the soil through these spaces. This allows the surface to remain dry regardless of the amount of water you are dealing with.

The pave methods can be used for driveways, walkways, etc., since there will never be pools of water on the pave ways. If you decide on the paving technique, you would have to choose between the three types; Concrete, Pervious, and Plastic Pavers.


When designing landscapes, most people base their styles and designs on aesthetics alone without considering the functionalities of their designs. However, when looking to develop your landscape, Landscape by A&K can help you make the best of your space while installing an efficient drainage system.

We are available for every kind of landscape for your yard, and offer you tips and tricks that can make your landscaping in Brisbane easier and more productive. So, contact us now to hire the best professional landscape services.


Why You Should Consider Rock Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping with rocks has become increasingly famous because of its immense environmental and eco-friendly advantages. Another point of appeal that stones have, is their little to zero need for maintenance, grooming, or watering, unlike plants or pool landscaping.

Landscaping with rocks also does not have a waiting period like plants or flowers that need to boom or mature before you experience their complete aesthetic or uses. Instead, rocks are instantly satisfying and perform all their purposes from the first day.

A primary aesthetic feature of rocks is their visual dynamism; they are of different types, shapes, colors, uses, textures, etc. While smooth exteriors and modern finishings are excellent, there is something foundationally appealing about adding rocks to your gardens. You can arrange your rocks to fit any theme, from dramatic and unequal edges, to even surfaces.

When it comes to using rocks for your landscaping in Brisbane Northside, there are minimal chances that you’ll run out of ideas because there are so many different ways to structure each unique stone. Although one of the most popular styles of arranging rocks in your garden is to create a rockery, there is also erecting a water feature.

Rockeries are not only a tremendous aesthetic structure that stands out in your backyard, but they are also a great way of showing and protecting your plants. They can look exactly how you arranged them on the first day for years, and survive all weather conditions.

Why You Should Try Rock Landscaping

  1. Dynamism: Rock landscapes are so dynamic that they can fit into any theme, minimalist design, or vintage flower house idea. Rocks go a long way in helping you create the garden or backyard of your dreams without spending so much on water.
  2. Safety: Rocks are a form of a safety measure against fire. The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service reports that pebbles, stones, and other elements are known ​​as” firewise landscaping”. Rocks have many advantages and uses than wood chips and inflammable plants. For example, a threatening fire can be stopped before getting to your house if you have rocks aesthetically and strategically placed around your compound.
  3. When maintaining your plants, rocks are a more sustainable and excellent replacement for mulch. Pebbles and stones are great for keeping moisture in your flower beds, with their slow evaporation process enabling you to water your plants a lot less than you usually would. Rocks are also great for preventing erosion, reducing the amount of weed, and creating a natural border that helps keep each plant in place. In addition, compared to mulch, they are almost permanent and do not need constant do-overs.
  4. Types and Shapes: Once you have decided on landscaping in Brisbane with rocks, you must consider your dream look and how to incorporate stones into it. You have to determine where each unique rock type will go and what purpose they will perform wherever they are. For example, jagged and uneven rocks like marble chips are stunning but cannot be used on the pathways. Black stones are not great for hot zones because of how much heat they can retain, which might cause plant damage.
  5. Sizes: Another significant factor to consider is the different sizes rocks come in. Most of the time, various shapes are used to their aesthetic advantage. You can create a dramatic rockery using different sizes or a uniform border using the same rocks.

How to create different landscape designs with rocks

  1. Create a path: Using your rocks to create a way is one of the most famous rock landscaping ideas. Whether you want to step stones leading to the garden, descending from the courtyard, or a deconstructed leveled path, you can try anything at all when designing and arranging your rocks. However, to continue a uniform aesthetic look, you must consider the already established theme of your home, and then use that in determining the types, shapes, and colors of rocks you need.

  1. Build a Rockwall: Rock walls can perform various functions, including aesthetics, borders, retaining walls, fences, hillside transitions, etc. Not only are they extraordinary in both look and function, but Rocks can also increase your property’s value over time.

One thing about building a rockwall is that it isn’t the most straightforward task to take on in the world. Even Experienced DIYers talk about its complexities and intricate details. It can also take a long time, days, and weeks to complete depending on the size of the wall you are building. If you are determined to do this yourself, you can check out several guidelines on the internet. However, if you want to take an easy, professional, and less complex route, you can employ professional services from Landscape by A & K for the best services.

  1. Design River border with rocks: In your outdoor design, making a River-rock is one unique way to create a smooth, peaceful and stunning quality to your garden. In addition, you can use them to develop excellent creek beds or stepping stones from one place to another.

  1. Create Contrasts: In whatever theme you are going with when carving out your garden, rocks can be used to create highly contrasting borders or dramatically separate one plant from the other. Different colors of stones can be used for this contrast, including black, brown, and white rocks, which are especially great for backdrops or highlighting different plant colors in a way that stands them out.

5. Install rocks in water features: Water features are outstanding aesthetic elements regardless of how you choose to style them, but adding stones to a water feature increases that aesthetic value by almost 100%. It doesn’t matter what you decide to be your water feature; a creek, fountain, waterfall, pond or drainage, rocks, and water will always produce a majestic result, especially if designed and arranged with a theme.


Landscaping is such a vast concept that you can explore anything you want. There is no limit to how much fun you can have in designing your landscape.

When it comes to incorporating rocks in your designs, you can explore as many ideas as you desire. However, you also don’t want your garden looking tacky, and this is why you should check out the professionals at Landscape by A & K.

We offer the absolute best landscape services! Try us today!


Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Landscaping In Brisbane


META DESCRIPTION: Landscaping in Brisbane has been on the rise more recently, more people are embracing the beautiful idea of designing their yards, and if you are thinking of exploring, you must consider some of the factors mentioned here.


Whether you are planning to do a complete makeover of your landscape, making a few changes, or moving to a new place that requires you to start from the beginning, one of the first things you must do for your landscape project is to make a plan. Whatever you aim to achieve, create a plan that will guide your decisions to shop, plant, and build.

Many people are quick to head over to the closest store to get the most accessible landscape tools they find, and end up getting all sorts of unnecessary things that they may end up never needing. A concrete plan beforehand will help make the best plan choices for yourself, your plants, and the whole landscape project.

It’s easy to find attractive plants with their pretty colors and lovely leaves from the mall or store, only to realize that they do not fit with your landscape after getting home.

If you are looking to embark on landscaping Brisbane Northside, and looking to make a good plan that will help you get the best for, and out of your landscape, here are some tips to create the best kind of landscape for you.


1. KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Before shopping for the plants you love and want to see in your compound, think about the climate of your zone or region. If you don’t have sufficient information, you can hire a professional to help you determine what kind of soil you have and the kinds of plants that can work perfectly with it.

There is a tendency for your yard to create a microclimate based on the specific conditions of your yard based on the sun exposure it gets and how water drains in the yard. This microclimate determines the type of plant that works best with the environment.

To avoid buying plants that will die after some time, or plants that will destroy your soil, take care to find out what works best so you don’t waste time and money.


2. OCCUPANTS OF THE YARD: Another major factor to consider before going ahead to shop for your landscape is the occupants of your yard. Do you plan to have children or pets? Do you plan for them to be moving around the house? If your answer to some of these questions is yes, you have to factor this into the plan.

Landscaping can require some grooming, so whether or not you will be doing it yourself, you have to ask yourself questions like how much time you have to dedicate to it and what your budget is? For example, would it be easier to have a large walkway and a smaller space for the landscape instead of the reverse?

All the above questions you must ask yourself to get the very best of what you want and not get yourself in a situation you would come to regret soon enough because you start to realize all the things that matter later.


3. THEME: For your compound to look unified, coordinated, and well organized, you need to have a working theme. The theme helps guide your shopping for material and flowers. Themes do not have to be anything extraordinary or super-duper artistic. You can opt to have a consistent shape or form when designing your landscape. It can be as simple as outlining the different shapes in your yard and making the best of them.

When choosing a theme for your landscape, questions like ‘Are you into definitive shapes, neat geometrical structures, or are you more into creating a natural look in your yard?’ inform your decoration plans and choices of flower

Once you have all of these nailed, you wouldn’t have a hard time making the best of your landscape.

4. PLANTS: Plants are not just for aesthetics; they can be used for several reasons. When planning your landscape design, you have to decide the kind of plants you want and what function they will be performing as you begin to have them.

Some plants can produce fruits and vegetables, others are for a beautiful outlook, and others are great for sweet, delicious aroma. Some plants can be used to define the borders of your landscape. For example, you can use them to separate a particular area, or use them for borders in your pool landscaping Brisbane.

Plants serve a tremendous aesthetic value to the environment, but they can also be highly functional, make your plants work for you as you groom and take care of them, and it’s better to decide on this early on in the landscape planning stage.


5. THINK LONG-TERM: You need to consider how some of the plants you plan to add in the compound will affect your environment in time and the effect the environment will have on the plants as well when working on landscaping Brisbane.

When you are making plant choices, think about the growth rate of the plants, the maintenance processes, and the eventual mature size of the plants. Although, the size of a plant is generally up to the environment and the kind of grooming applied to them.



A landscape requires a significant level of care, consideration, and intentional choices. It isn’t something that you can choose to do off-handedly. However, when you consider a landscape as a part of your house and general aesthetics, you will be more intentional about the designs and the plants.

There are all kinds of landscaping ideas you can explore when making choices of the designs you want and what you want to use as part of the aesthetics. However, to get the best landscaping in Brisbane, you should check out the landscape by A & K site for the best services you can get.


Landscaping your Backyard – Do’s and Don’ts

Landscaping can be a gamechanger for your backyard. It can enhance your and your family’s experience in terms of having an outdoor space to enjoy.

Your backyard can play many roles, it can be a retreat for you or a play area for the kids. Whatever you choose to do with it, it is important you keep the objective in mind before you begin landscaping.

Let’s look at some basic do’s and don’ts of backyard landscaping to help you get started on the right track:


Think Long-term

Always think years ahead. Choose plants that will be low maintenance and survive in all seasons. Before you buy a plant, make sure you have the mature size of the plant in your mind.

Hire a professional

Landscaping requires design thinking and proper planning. Professional landscaping contractors are equipped with the training and equipment to finish the job quickly and according to your needs.

Hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if you work and have kids.

Avoid the weeds

Weeds are invasive. This includes dandelions. They can damage your plants and delay the garden you’re planning. Your kids may love picking up the seeds and seeing them fly but it means more work for you in the future.

The best course of action for you is to spray some pre-herbicide on your garden beds to avoid any unwanted weed growth in the first place.

Go for little maintenance

Do you have the time to take care of delicate plants? Do you have a knack for gardening? Are you a working parent or a stay at home one? Take all these factors into consideration before you spend hundreds on plants that will eventually die out due to neglect.


Let the lawn overgrow

Lawns are great for kids and dogs. However, for proper landscaping, it is important that you replace your lawn areas with garden beds that will have flowers and shrubs.

If you do plan to keep a wider lawn, it is important you keep the grass trimmed. You can either trim it yourself or hire a professional lawnmower.

Plant invasive species

Invasive plant species can look beautiful but they can also be hard to take care of. Plants that are dependent on a particular climate can also end up dying.

You will have to spend a lot of money on replacements. So it is crucial for your financial health that you stay away from these species altogether.

Allow weeds and overgrowth to stay

A backyard will look good only if it’s well kept. This means that any overgrown shrubs, plants and weeds will make it look unkempt and untidy.

If you don’t have the time to spend on their maintenance, you should consider removing them.

Plant trees too close to the house

It is in the best interest of your roof that you plant the trees away from the roof. Tree branches and leaves can clog the gutters.

They can also promote mold growth on the roof. It is best you keep all vegetation away from the house’s actual structure to avoid damaging the house.

These are just some tips to get you started on your backyard design. The best tip we can give you is to design the backyard as your perfect place to relax and hire a professional to help you design it.


How to Choose the Right Landscaping Contractor

Your landscaping can add beauty and increase your property’s value. But, it can be difficult to find the right contractor to handle your commercial or residential landscaping project.

Here are a few tips to guide you.

Understand your needs

Before hiring a landscaping contractor, it’s important to underhand your needs. While speaking to prospective contractors, you should know what you want and what skills are most important for your design. So, have a few questions ready to ask.

If you are unsure of what you want, you can get ideas from gardening magazines. Pick out a few designs that you want to replicate and show them to your contractor. If you have some artistic flair, you can also use a sketch for reference when speaking with them.

Above all, though, the number one rule is, “The clearer you communicate your expectations, the higher your chances of achieving your goal.”

Make a list

After deciding what you want, it’s time to make a list. You can make your list by looking online for reviews of local landscape contractors in your area. You can also ask friends, family, and neighbours.

The next thing to do is narrow down your search to a few landscaping contractors and request a bid to landscape for you.

Years of Experience

Pick a company with several years of experience. Start-up companies are more likely to make mistakes, and you shouldn’t take that chance. Companies that have been in business for a long time have a reputation to protect, so they will do their best to deliver the highest quality work.

Landscaping company offering a wide range of services

It’s a good thing to be flexible with landscaping ideas to get the best result. More so, working with a company with a wide range of services ensures all aspects of your landscaping job, even new ideas, can be fully accomplished. It can be challenging having to switch to another company if you have slight changes in your plans.

Great customer service and communication

Building good rapport with your landscaping contractor ensures smooth communication. This can enhance the operation and produce better results. Consequently, it’s important to pick a landscaping company that has great customer service and communication.

They should be willing to carry you along and explain the details of your job to you. It’s always easier to work with a service provider you can talk to and understand your needs.


Your landscaping is a big part of your property and can improve the aesthetic and resale value. Find a contractor with great creative skills if you want to get the best out of your landscaping.

To get the best of your landscaping, you should hire only professional contractors. They offer the following benefits:

    • Eco-friendly landscaping
    • Increase in property value
    • Aesthetically pleasing commercial or residential property
    • Improved safety and security features

Landscape by A&K can make your landscaping design ideas a reality. Give us a call today for more information.

Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Backyard’s Appearance

Today, many families are spending more time at home due to the pandemic. And some are looking for affordable ways to make their homes more comfortable and inviting. The outdoor area shouldn’t be left out since it’s a great place to relax and spend time with family and friends.

That’s why, in this post, we’ll spill the beans on a few landscaping ideas that can increase your home’s appeal.

Repurpose Old Tyres

Many waste hurlers may refuse to discard your tyres due to their weight. However, you can put them to good use in your home. You can also find some at your local recycling shop for a few dollars.

With your old tyres, you’ll be able to create a hanging planter and attach it to a wall or fence to add colour and beauty to your space. Painted tyres barricading a section of your backyard can also provide an attractive play area for your children.

Create a Vertical Garden

If you don’t have a big backyard you can make the most of your space by creating a vertical garden. It’s also an affordable option since you will be using mostly recycled materials like plastic bottles. Vertical gardens are a great way to add some pizzaz to your backyard without breaking the bank.

Plant Beautiful and Useful Plants

You can make your yard more beautiful while reducing your grocery costs by growing useful vegetables and herbs in the summer. Your backyard landscape can become beautiful yet functional with a few edible plants and the right arrangement.

Did you know that certain herbs and vegetables can also repel pests?

Plant Natural Perennial Ground Covers

You’re probably tired of always weeding your lawns. Instead, buy natural perennial ground covers. This is a great upgrade from buying weed killers that can be hazardous to your health. Affordable perennial ground covers include Creeping Periwinkle, Moss Phlox, Early Snow Glories, and Walk-on-me Thyme.

Build a Fire Pit

With a single trip to any home improvement store nearby, you can have your campfire station in a few minutes. It’s a good idea to utilize rocks you (or your friends, family or acquaintances) were trying to get rid of from another project. A fire pit can become a favourite spot for your family to tell stories, catch up on each other’s activities or have a barbie on the weekend.

Plant a Tree

This is probably the most affordable landscaping project for your backyard. You only need a few digging tools, the tree, and some mulch. Well-planted trees can save you money in the long run as they can provide shade for your home, reducing energy costs.

Get Some Affordable Lighting

Affordable string lights are a great landscaping idea. The soft, pleasant glow can provide the right ambience for family gatherings and relaxation. Consider getting globe light strands which are usually more durable than fairy lights.

Buy some Affordable Seats

You will definitely need some seating arrangements in your new backyard. And the best part is, you can easily build some or search for used pieces online.

Have a Small Landscaping Budget? No Worries!

The best part about DIY landscaping is that you can also make use of recycled or reused items to reduce costs. You can visit your local thrift stores or garage sales to get good deals on planters, gardening tools, and furniture. All you need is time, creativity, and these landscaping ideas to make your outdoor area perfect for relaxation.

If you’re looking for more of a professional touch, we’d be glad to help! Get in touch with us today for any Brisbane landscaping queries.

Three Ways to Avoid Pool Landscaping Mistakes

Pool landscaping is a brilliant idea. It’s best to work on the areas around your pool to enhance the beauty. There are so many pool landscaping ideas that will transform your pool area, one of the favourite spots in a residential property.

To do pool landscaping right, you need to hire an experienced landscaping contractor. The process requires extensive planning and expertise to ensure the project is well executed.

Also, it’s easy to make mistakes while landscaping the area around your pool. This is why everything must be done to avoid these common mistakes;

Avoid Planting Problematic Trees when Landscaping around Pools

It’s true some plants enhance the beauty of the pool area. However, you may regret your decision to plant trees around this area. The environment will look beautiful for a while, but you may contend with many challenges to keep the area and pool clean when the trees reach maturity.

Trees shed leaves, which can get into your pool. If you have not invested in pool nets to cover the surface, you will have to go through stressful clean up every time you want to enjoy a swim in your pool.

Another menace caused by growing trees or shrubs around pools is the intrusive roots. These roots can grow big and destroy parts of your swimming pool from beneath the earth. Strong roots have also been known to damage parts of the plumbing system for your pool.

Consequently, these damages could make you spend a lot of money.

Use Erosion Prevention Methods for Pool Landscaping

Before starting the project, you should observe the land areas surrounding the pool. When the rains come, poor landscaping may not prevent debris and sand from entering your pool.

It is best to consider the rainy season. Landscaping methods should be used to locate the pool at a higher ground level. The slope of the land should also be created to channel excess water and debris away from the pool. Erosion could cause the walls of your pool to collapse. If the pool walls collapse, the project will need to be redone, and repairs will not be cheap.

Elevating the pool using creative landscaping methods will also prevent small rodents, insects, and other pests from entering the pool easily.

Follow Standard Pool Landscaping Procedures

It’s good to be creative when completing your pool landscaping project. However, you should never ignore the standard procedures by cutting corners. An experienced landscaping contractor must professionally do the entire project.

Following the acceptable procedures also promotes safety. Assuming young children live in the home, safety should never be compromised.

To avoid compromising the quality of your pool landscaping project, you should ask for a quote to know the financial requirements. Then, when you have an idea of the budget, you can make adequate plans to ensure the job is done right.

If you need the best team to handle your pool landscaping, look no further. We are professionals, and our track record speaks for itself. We can handle your pool landscaping project excellently.

4 Reasons To Invest In Pool Landscaping

Does your backyard swimming pool look dull? Do you want to make it more alive and fun for your family and guests? Then pool landscaping is what you’re looking for.

Pool landscaping refers to the overall appearance of your pool along with its surroundings. It includes adorning your pool area with greenery, pool fencing, paving the floor, lighting, and so on.

Investing in pool landscaping will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your pool. But it will also add value to your property in surprising ways. On top of that, a good pool landscaping project will also ensure the architecture stands the test of time.

We have made this short read for you to find out why you need to go for pool landscaping.

Let’s dive in—pun intended!

It Adds To the Beauty of the Pool and Brings It To Life

Concrete structures gradually replacing traces of nature makes one feel out of touch. So why not bring natural beauty to your backyard? The harmony of water, trees, and plants side by side will make your pool area a serene getaway—without having to travel to some far-flung destination.

However, pool landscaping is not the thoughtless process of surrounding the pool with any plants. Instead, it needs to be well planned so consulting a landscaper is the best option.

A landscape professional will guide you through the placement of the pool. Moreover, landscapers also know what plants are compatible with your local climate and need the least upkeep.

An Area Like a Pool Requires Additional Safety Measures.

Pool landscaping also includes safety considerations. You would not like your kid to slip and slide into a thorny plant. Or dive headlong into the pool and harm themselves.

A landscape advisor will tell you about the best decking solutions, safe plants, and suitable pool depth. Usually, backyard pools are shallow, so you will have to place “no diving” signs around them.

Furthermore, there are laws about swimming pools that need to be followed. To prevent children from gaining unsupervised access to pools, you will have to implement no climbable zones (NCZ) and fencing.

Non-slip surfaces are also an important addition to guard against injuries since pool areas increase the chances of slipping.

You Can Make It Your Go-To Recreation Spot

You can turn your backyard into a fun place with pool landscaping, functioning as a mini-resort for friends and family. Installing a lounge at the poolside can also be great for enjoying parties with family and guests.

A Good Pool Area Increases the Commercial Value of Your Property

A professional pool landscaping project will not only improve the chances of selling your property but will also increase the selling price. Therefore, turning your backyard into an eye-catching spectacle is worth the investment.

Landscape by A & K is ready to tackle any and all pool landscaping projects in Brisbane. Contact us to start planning your new backyard oasis today.