New Year Landscaping Projects Brisbane

As we begin a new year, many of us are making lists of work to be undertaken around the home. New Year is a great time to set goals and create a list of tasks that need to be done. Often these jobs are indoors fixing leaky taps or upgrading an appliance. But a very common task on people’s to do list is to landscape the front or back garden. It certainly is the right time to beautify the yard. Your home won’t feel truly completed until the outdoor spaces have been taken care of. Landscape by A&K are available to help you make a plan for your landscaping job, then ensure that your job is done with a high degree of attention to detail. There are plenty of options for upgrades you might want to consider- the installation of a pergola, establishment of a vegetable garden, the planting of fruit trees or the creation of a feature pond area. The building of a deck or patio might be on your to do list, to enable you to spend more time out of doors. Having Landscape by A&K complete your landscaping job in the Brisbane area will mean you get both expert advice and a thorough project installation. The team is very knowledgeable about plants and local conditions and will analyse your soil to provide recommendations about what would work best in your local area.

Landscaping Options

Large yard areas are often left to become overgrown with weeds. If your yard needs some attention, it’s worth considering what design elements could help increase usability and create areas of interest or mixed use. Landscape by A&K can help you think through what the options might be. The team will listen to your ideas or suggestions, and incorporate them into an overall plan. However, if you really aren’t sure what is possible or how you would like your landscaping to be, then the team can also guide you with their advice and expertise which has come from years in the business. For larger yards, one solution is often creating sections or nodes of a large yard can allow you to create versatile spaces which can be enjoyed in many ways. The creation of pathways between separate areas will make your yard easy to traverse as you enjoy the individual elements. For smaller yards, we assess the usable space and design landscaping that suits the aesthetic of the building it will sit against. This means considering form, colour and style. We will also consider the amount of sunlight available to smaller yards, and our knowledge of plants will help you select plants that will thrive in the conditions in which they will be planted. We can help with screens, retaining walls and hedges and borders. If you are thinking of installing water features, creating grass sections or even adding timber decking or features, Landscape by A&K can help with any of these types of jobs.

Shining A Light On Your Brisbane Landscaping

Summer is here and it really is the time to be thinking about how you can be comfortable for long evenings in your landscaped backyard. If you want to enjoy your beautiful landscaped project both day and night, you might want to consider enhancing the lighting. If you have had a major redesign in your backyard and want to begin to use the area to entertain friends, then it might be worth adding some feature lighting to show off your new plants, paving or patio. Proper lighting will help you illuminate your outdoor area, adding to the overall mood and experience of the space. Many people are now opting towards LED lights which are sustainable and cost-effective, making it easier for you to enjoy when you are not worrying about the environment or your electricity bill. LED downlights and pillar lights will help you get the most use out of your space, and are subtle enough they do not interfere with the overall design of your landscaping. You could install lighting along paths, borders or adjacent to rows of plants. The gentle flicker of lights from in between plants and flowers bring a magical sparkling effect to your garden. Contact Landscape by A&K to discuss the options.

Landscaping Ideas 2020/2021

There are a plethora of ideas for landscaping in 2020 or 2021 with the new year fast approaching. Some ideas might seem more attractive than others when it comes to landscaping in Brisbane with Landscape By A&K. If you have an outdoor area that needs jazzing up, try a flower wall. Flowering plants like Hydrangeas or other plants can make fantastic flower walls to decorate your outdoor space. Allow an overgrown terrace to happen where you plant tropical plants and let greenery grow between the stone tiles for a lush vibe. Decorate your outdoor area with a long table for dining and entertaining or if you love roses plant plenty and get romantic with your outdoor area. Create a living archway of a climbing vine to frame your walkway in the garden or if you love the scent of lavender, plant a border of lavender bushes to catch the eye and the nose. If you love entertaining even in winter organise a firepit with chairs or lounges around it for your outdoor space, that way you can entertain or relax around the fire during the cooler months. Choose the flowering plant Wisteria for a pergola with effective chairs and a table for entertaining or relaxing in your own backyard. If you have the space to arrange a fountain, have a garden fountain in your backyard with garden beds and an entertaining area. Plant Plane trees or natives to delight the birds and string lights such as solar lights or LED lighting for your landscaping in Brisbane. Fig ivy looks great on walls in your outdoor area and can be great for a hangout spot in your garden. Hang tree lanterns in native trees and enjoy the garden by night as you relax around your home. If you have a long driveway, plant shrubs or native trees or pot plants along the driveway for visitors and yourself to enjoy as you drive along. Potting citrus trees is another way to jazz up your outdoor garden and letting them grow and fruit is always good to see and enjoy. With lavender, ficus and boxwood hedges, create a sturdy hedge of garden lusciousness and sculpt them to suit your individual tastes. Organise bright flower beds and stepping stones for your garden to be bright and colourful. If you want to grow fruit and vegetables or herbs, organise a greenhouse particularly one you can walk into and water your beloved plants. For more landscaping ideas, see Landscape By A&K to see what we achieve for you.

Mini Earthworks and Retaining Walls

Landscape by A&K is a professional and reliable company performing mini earthworks and excavation. Additionally, we do drainage and rock wall construction as well as retaining walls. Our machines are highly-efficient and we are effective at performing these types of works. We deliver exceptional customer service and outstanding quality workmanship and every effort is made to ensure we achieve satisfaction. The correct shaping and excavating of land will ensure that your project is successful with landscaping in Brisbane. We create sandstone walls with mini excavation machines and we are experts in the industry. We are additionally experts when it comes to retaining walls and building decorative walls. From dry stack to timber sleeper retaining walls, we are a B.S.A. Licence holder which permits us to build all types and sizes of retaining walls. Types of retaining walls include timber sleeper with treated pine or Hardwood, treated Koppers log, concrete sleepers, dry stack Masonry systems, dry stack Sandstone Rock, brick and masonry and pitched stone. All retaining walls over one metre in height requires engineering and certification and our team will meet with you to discuss and advise you on the best choice for your landscaping needs. So that we can ensure that you gain a well-designed and built retaining wall, we will assess your outdoor space and provide a high degree of aesthetics and functionality.

Creating Your Outdoor Space

As a professional company, Landscape By A&K offers ways to optimise your outdoor space through landscaping design. Creating garden beds is just one aspect of our landscaping service; we can do so much more. We can create flowering garden beds, vegetable garden beds and plant other shrubs for gardens. Additionally, we can create solid outdoor entertaining areas with day beds, creeping vines, a fire pit or fireplace and much more. Optimising your outdoor space was ever better than with our landscaping in Brisbane. If you have room for a pergola, why not have a day bed or table and chairs out there to relax around and why not add a water fountain to jazz it up? A water fountain looks grand in a garden and it can attract the birds. Wouldn’t it be lovely waking up to the sound of birds chirping in your garden? Add climbing vines to the pergola and you have yourself a lush area of the outdoors to enjoy. If you grill food at least a couple of times a week, why not consider an outdoor kitchen? Love eating outdoors? Having an outdoor kitchen with a fridge and a sink is conducive for cooking outdoors and enjoying cool beverages while you do. Enjoy the summer months and even the cooler months with your very own outdoor kitchen. If you value privacy, you can always create an added layer of privacy with lattice and creeping vines; garden walls are truly effective in creating the added layer of privacy for your home. For landscaping in Brisbane and optimising your outdoor space, see Landscape By A&K as you won’t be disappointed.