How to Choose the Right Landscaping Contractor

Your landscaping can add beauty and increase your property’s value. But, it can be difficult to find the right contractor to handle your commercial or residential landscaping project.

Here are a few tips to guide you.

Understand your needs

Before hiring a landscaping contractor, it’s important to underhand your needs. While speaking to prospective contractors, you should know what you want and what skills are most important for your design. So, have a few questions ready to ask.

If you are unsure of what you want, you can get ideas from gardening magazines. Pick out a few designs that you want to replicate and show them to your contractor. If you have some artistic flair, you can also use a sketch for reference when speaking with them.

Above all, though, the number one rule is, “The clearer you communicate your expectations, the higher your chances of achieving your goal.”

Make a list

After deciding what you want, it’s time to make a list. You can make your list by looking online for reviews of local landscape contractors in your area. You can also ask friends, family, and neighbours.

The next thing to do is narrow down your search to a few landscaping contractors and request a bid to landscape for you.

Years of Experience

Pick a company with several years of experience. Start-up companies are more likely to make mistakes, and you shouldn’t take that chance. Companies that have been in business for a long time have a reputation to protect, so they will do their best to deliver the highest quality work.

Landscaping company offering a wide range of services

It’s a good thing to be flexible with landscaping ideas to get the best result. More so, working with a company with a wide range of services ensures all aspects of your landscaping job, even new ideas, can be fully accomplished. It can be challenging having to switch to another company if you have slight changes in your plans.

Great customer service and communication

Building good rapport with your landscaping contractor ensures smooth communication. This can enhance the operation and produce better results. Consequently, it’s important to pick a landscaping company that has great customer service and communication.

They should be willing to carry you along and explain the details of your job to you. It’s always easier to work with a service provider you can talk to and understand your needs.


Your landscaping is a big part of your property and can improve the aesthetic and resale value. Find a contractor with great creative skills if you want to get the best out of your landscaping.

To get the best of your landscaping, you should hire only professional contractors. They offer the following benefits:

    • Eco-friendly landscaping
    • Increase in property value
    • Aesthetically pleasing commercial or residential property
    • Improved safety and security features

Landscape by A&K can make your landscaping design ideas a reality. Give us a call today for more information.

Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Backyard’s Appearance

Today, many families are spending more time at home due to the pandemic. And some are looking for affordable ways to make their homes more comfortable and inviting. The outdoor area shouldn’t be left out since it’s a great place to relax and spend time with family and friends.

That’s why, in this post, we’ll spill the beans on a few landscaping ideas that can increase your home’s appeal.

Repurpose Old Tyres

Many waste hurlers may refuse to discard your tyres due to their weight. However, you can put them to good use in your home. You can also find some at your local recycling shop for a few dollars.

With your old tyres, you’ll be able to create a hanging planter and attach it to a wall or fence to add colour and beauty to your space. Painted tyres barricading a section of your backyard can also provide an attractive play area for your children.

Create a Vertical Garden

If you don’t have a big backyard you can make the most of your space by creating a vertical garden. It’s also an affordable option since you will be using mostly recycled materials like plastic bottles. Vertical gardens are a great way to add some pizzaz to your backyard without breaking the bank.

Plant Beautiful and Useful Plants

You can make your yard more beautiful while reducing your grocery costs by growing useful vegetables and herbs in the summer. Your backyard landscape can become beautiful yet functional with a few edible plants and the right arrangement.

Did you know that certain herbs and vegetables can also repel pests?

Plant Natural Perennial Ground Covers

You’re probably tired of always weeding your lawns. Instead, buy natural perennial ground covers. This is a great upgrade from buying weed killers that can be hazardous to your health. Affordable perennial ground covers include Creeping Periwinkle, Moss Phlox, Early Snow Glories, and Walk-on-me Thyme.

Build a Fire Pit

With a single trip to any home improvement store nearby, you can have your campfire station in a few minutes. It’s a good idea to utilize rocks you (or your friends, family or acquaintances) were trying to get rid of from another project. A fire pit can become a favourite spot for your family to tell stories, catch up on each other’s activities or have a barbie on the weekend.

Plant a Tree

This is probably the most affordable landscaping project for your backyard. You only need a few digging tools, the tree, and some mulch. Well-planted trees can save you money in the long run as they can provide shade for your home, reducing energy costs.

Get Some Affordable Lighting

Affordable string lights are a great landscaping idea. The soft, pleasant glow can provide the right ambience for family gatherings and relaxation. Consider getting globe light strands which are usually more durable than fairy lights.

Buy some Affordable Seats

You will definitely need some seating arrangements in your new backyard. And the best part is, you can easily build some or search for used pieces online.

Have a Small Landscaping Budget? No Worries!

The best part about DIY landscaping is that you can also make use of recycled or reused items to reduce costs. You can visit your local thrift stores or garage sales to get good deals on planters, gardening tools, and furniture. All you need is time, creativity, and these landscaping ideas to make your outdoor area perfect for relaxation.

If you’re looking for more of a professional touch, we’d be glad to help! Get in touch with us today for any Brisbane landscaping queries.

4 Reasons To Invest In Pool Landscaping

Does your backyard swimming pool look dull? Do you want to make it more alive and fun for your family and guests? Then pool landscaping is what you’re looking for.

Pool landscaping refers to the overall appearance of your pool along with its surroundings. It includes adorning your pool area with greenery, pool fencing, paving the floor, lighting, and so on.

Investing in pool landscaping will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your pool. But it will also add value to your property in surprising ways. On top of that, a good pool landscaping project will also ensure the architecture stands the test of time.

We have made this short read for you to find out why you need to go for pool landscaping.

Let’s dive in—pun intended!

It Adds To the Beauty of the Pool and Brings It To Life

Concrete structures gradually replacing traces of nature makes one feel out of touch. So why not bring natural beauty to your backyard? The harmony of water, trees, and plants side by side will make your pool area a serene getaway—without having to travel to some far-flung destination.

However, pool landscaping is not the thoughtless process of surrounding the pool with any plants. Instead, it needs to be well planned so consulting a landscaper is the best option.

A landscape professional will guide you through the placement of the pool. Moreover, landscapers also know what plants are compatible with your local climate and need the least upkeep.

An Area Like a Pool Requires Additional Safety Measures.

Pool landscaping also includes safety considerations. You would not like your kid to slip and slide into a thorny plant. Or dive headlong into the pool and harm themselves.

A landscape advisor will tell you about the best decking solutions, safe plants, and suitable pool depth. Usually, backyard pools are shallow, so you will have to place “no diving” signs around them.

Furthermore, there are laws about swimming pools that need to be followed. To prevent children from gaining unsupervised access to pools, you will have to implement no climbable zones (NCZ) and fencing.

Non-slip surfaces are also an important addition to guard against injuries since pool areas increase the chances of slipping.

You Can Make It Your Go-To Recreation Spot

You can turn your backyard into a fun place with pool landscaping, functioning as a mini-resort for friends and family. Installing a lounge at the poolside can also be great for enjoying parties with family and guests.

A Good Pool Area Increases the Commercial Value of Your Property

A professional pool landscaping project will not only improve the chances of selling your property but will also increase the selling price. Therefore, turning your backyard into an eye-catching spectacle is worth the investment.

Landscape by A & K is ready to tackle any and all pool landscaping projects in Brisbane. Contact us to start planning your new backyard oasis today.

Three Ways to Avoid Pool Landscaping Mistakes

Pool landscaping is a brilliant idea. It’s best to work on the areas around your pool to enhance the beauty. There are so many pool landscaping ideas that will transform your pool area, one of the favourite spots in a residential property.

To do pool landscaping right, you need to hire an experienced landscaping contractor. The process requires extensive planning and expertise to ensure the project is well executed.

Also, it’s easy to make mistakes while landscaping the area around your pool. This is why everything must be done to avoid these common mistakes;

Avoid Planting Problematic Trees when Landscaping around Pools

It’s true some plants enhance the beauty of the pool area. However, you may regret your decision to plant trees around this area. The environment will look beautiful for a while, but you may contend with many challenges to keep the area and pool clean when the trees reach maturity.

Trees shed leaves, which can get into your pool. If you have not invested in pool nets to cover the surface, you will have to go through stressful clean up every time you want to enjoy a swim in your pool.

Another menace caused by growing trees or shrubs around pools is the intrusive roots. These roots can grow big and destroy parts of your swimming pool from beneath the earth. Strong roots have also been known to damage parts of the plumbing system for your pool.

Consequently, these damages could make you spend a lot of money.

Use Erosion Prevention Methods for Pool Landscaping

Before starting the project, you should observe the land areas surrounding the pool. When the rains come, poor landscaping may not prevent debris and sand from entering your pool.

It is best to consider the rainy season. Landscaping methods should be used to locate the pool at a higher ground level. The slope of the land should also be created to channel excess water and debris away from the pool. Erosion could cause the walls of your pool to collapse. If the pool walls collapse, the project will need to be redone, and repairs will not be cheap.

Elevating the pool using creative landscaping methods will also prevent small rodents, insects, and other pests from entering the pool easily.

Follow Standard Pool Landscaping Procedures

It’s good to be creative when completing your pool landscaping project. However, you should never ignore the standard procedures by cutting corners. An experienced landscaping contractor must professionally do the entire project.

Following the acceptable procedures also promotes safety. Assuming young children live in the home, safety should never be compromised.

To avoid compromising the quality of your pool landscaping project, you should ask for a quote to know the financial requirements. Then, when you have an idea of the budget, you can make adequate plans to ensure the job is done right.

If you need the best team to handle your pool landscaping, look no further. We are professionals, and our track record speaks for itself. We can handle your pool landscaping project excellently.