Plants to Plant in Spring

For landscaping and planting particular plants for your outdoor space. Consider Landscape By A&K as your quality-driven landscaping company. Plants to plant in spring in Queensland include Gardenias, Alyssum, Begonias, Cosmos, Marigolds and Petunias. Gardenias are evergreen shrubs or small trees with beautiful foliage and large white or yellow flowers. The dwarf varieties are fantastic for garden beds or as groundcover growing from thirty centimetres to sixty centimetres tall. Pruning isn’t essential for this plant but it will help it maintain shape so it is wise to prune your Gardenias after their summer flowers have gone. Gardenias love rich soil in a well-drained position and in the sun or part shade. They require watering weekly and can tolerate the dry conditions of sunny Queensland. Alyssum is another plant to plant in spring and your landscaping in Brisbane company can arrange your outdoor space including planting shrubs, trees, flowering plants and other plants such as fruit and vegetables. Sweet Alyssum requires well-drained soil with moderate moisture and is rather tolerant of most soil types. Plant from seeds rather than seedlings and they will germinate within fifteen to twenty days. Choose a location that is full sun though Sweet Alyssum can tolerate part shade as well. You can plant your seeds straight into the soil of the garden bed or into a pot and then transplant the seedling. Begonias are fabulous for planting in spring and Landscape BY A&K can perform the landscaping for you including planting Begonias. There are some common types of Begonias such as Wax Begonias, Tuberous Begonias, Cane Begonias, Rhizomatous Begonias and Rex Begonias. After the frost of winter has passed, these are perfect to plant in spring and plant them in a location that receives filtered sunlight and partial shade. The dark-leaved variety is optimum for sunnier locations such as Queensland so choose one like Surefire Rose. Cosmos are flowering plants that are easy to grow and great to plant in spring in Queensland with your landscaping company who is designing your outdoor space. They have daisy-like flowers and an annual flowering growing up to six foot high in well-drained soil. Planting Marigolds is best in spring in Queensland and they prefer a location in full sun. Plant the seeds and they will germinate rather quickly blooming in about eight weeks. They are easy to grow and perfect for after the frost of winter months. Finally, Petunias are optimum for planting in spring in Queensland and can be grown in hanging baskets with a sunny spot. Regular watering is required and the addition of liquid plant food is good for every two to three weeks. Grow Petunias from seeds or seedlings in a pot and then transplant them into the soil of your garden bed. Your landscaping in Brisbane company, Landscape BY A&K can perform the planting for you as part of our landscape design for your outdoor space.

Vegetable Plants to Plant in Spring

As part of your landscaping in Brisbane, why not plant vegetable plants this spring? Spring vegetable plants to plant include beans, carrot, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, potato, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet corn and zucchini. Beans are great for climbing upon the lattice you might have on your deck or you can pop trellis up for your beans to climb. Carrot can be an all year rounder and growing from seed is effective with your vegie patch in free-draining, deep soil. You can grow cucumbers in your vegie patch or in a large pot and have a climbing frame for the vine. Eggplant is fantastic as part of your vegie patch and you can grill eggplant on your barbeque in your outdoor area landscaped by your leading landscaping in Brisbane company, Landscape By A&K. Lettuce is very common and easy to grow while potato needs to grow for many months but it is well worthwhile when you do. Grow pumpkin from a seed and keep plants well-watered while a tomato vine can grow up the lattice or trellis in your outdoor area. Finally, plant zucchini seeds and keep these well-watered as well harvesting when they have grown big enough.

Dressing up your Decking

When landscaping in Brisbane, we can recommend ways to dress up your decking or patio area as part of your outdoor space. Outdoor furniture such as wicker furniture looks great on a deck and a wooden table with a day bed with pillows is effective for relaxing out on the deck. A slightly elevated decking adds dimension to the yard that might be flat and you can have steps for coming up onto the deck. Evergreen plants form a privacy wall for the deck and choosing plants with plenty of green foliage looks great. Additionally, having hanging baskets with flowering plants jazzes up your decking. Add a wooden lattice to one side to create a wall-like feature and plant climbing plants that will climb up the lattice. Add a water feature with a solar water fountain pump to be eco-friendly and add style to your decking. A fire bowl also is effective at jazzing up your space as well as being functional for the cooler months of the year.

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