What to Look for in a Landscaping Service?

If you’re in the space for a landscaping service and have no idea where to even begin on how to choose a landscaping service, we’ve put together some initial considerations you should make before going ahead and appointing the first one you find in your search engine or in local advertisements. In the past Landscape by A&K has been referred onto new customers by existing customers. We have numerous cases whereby a new customer has viewed an existing customer’s landscaping and was impressed by the look, works and finishing of the landscaping and needed to know who completed it. Therefore, if you know someone who has used landscaping service that has done a great job, the best thing to do is ask them who carried out the landscaping services for them. Failing that if you don’t know anyone who has recently had landscaping services completed, you jump onto the internet and ask on a community page if anyone can recommend a good landscaper and often someone might have a name of a reliable business they can pass onto you. However, this will still require some due diligence from your side to ensure you’re choosing the right landscaping service for the job. If you have no avenues to receive a recommendations from someone who has used a landscaping company a great place to start is looking for a landscaping service through a search engine and entering a search like “landscaping Brisbane” and from here you can review a landscaping businesses website and look at their portfolio of work.

Landscaping Services

As a landscaping Brisbane-based business, at Landscape by A&K we have carefully developed an offering across various landscaping services that in many cases allows us to be with our customers from start to finish, which means less headaches having to hire various services for the one job. As part of our landscaping services offering we provide mini earthworks services which is an area we understand very well being specialists in this field. Within this offering we can undertake all kinds of excavations and look at drainage and rock wall construction. Our team are heavily experienced in this field and have seen just about everything there is to see in this space which is why Landscape by A&K are in a strong position to assist with this kind of work and execute the job for you in the most effective and efficient manner which translates to minimal cost overruns if any. Included in our offering is the supply of the machinery that we operate so that you don’t have to go externally and source it yourself. Further to our landscaping service offering, we also provide a retaining wall construction service, another area that we had been fortunate to receive a diverse range of work, which means we have seen and built just about everything in the way of retaining walls. Because we have completed such a diverse range of retaining wall build jobs we have no bias towards the materials used for the construction which is why our customers enjoy the variety of materials build types they can choose from including timber sleepers, concrete sleepers, brick and masonry and many more. As a complement to our existing services we can also take full control of the landscaping construction services required.

Why Choose Landscape by A&K

After being in operation for some time now as a landscaping services company, Landscape by A&K consider the ongoing success of the business our biggest testimony. By continuing to be referred by customers and customers contacting us by word of mouth is the best kind of applause we can receive. If you’re in the space for a landscaping service then you will not need to look any further as we deal with absolutely everything to do with landscaping from start to the absolute completion of the work you require. Customers who have appointed us to carry out their landscaping work, big or small have enjoyed the benefits of hiring just one company to carry out all the works required to a high standard, within the agreed timeline and budget. Despite being an established business we are still driven to provide the best result for any customer who chooses us to carry out the work. We have an extensive portfolio of previous jobs that have been completed that we show our new customers with complete pride and are continually excited to hear what customers are looking for when needing landscaping services.

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